12th-13th October

The Intercontinental Hotel
Kyiv, Ukraine


To promote the creation of a competitive natural gas market in Ukraine and its integration with the European regional gas markets by ensuring the dialogue and mutual understanding of Ukrainian and potential foreign participants of the Ukrainian gas market.

To achieve the transparency and predictability of the transformation process.

Join us

Ukraine's gas market is clearly work-in-progress. To obtain a truly competitive market, it is necessary to unbundle gas transport and storage, to separate supply and trading at the transport and the distribution levels, to develop a set of workable network codes and to implement new workable entry/exit tariffs. Market participants, and the challengers in particular, need to be reassured that these policy objectives still stand, and that they will not be undermined by special requirements whose effect will be to entrench the incumbent. We all need clarity and predictability. This is what our event will deliver.

The Second Ukrainian Gas Forum is, as its name indicates, a forum, i.e. a place for discussion. You will not only hear senior policymakers, the presentations of expert speakers, and experienced practitioners, but you will also be able to engage in the discussion with them and challenge them. 
First and foremost, this forum is designed to generate a stimulating discussions and to shed clarity on the direction Ukraine’s gas market is taking.

Who we are

Now in its second edition, the Ukrainian Gas Forum are organized by the Expert Council on the Development of the Gas Industry and the Natural Gas Market of Ukraine. The Expert Council is a not-for-profit association established to promote innovative development of oil and gas industry in terms of production, transportation and distribution of natural gas. 

The entities behind this forum are:
•    NGBI, an independent gas engineering bureau based in Kyiv. Originally established as a ministry affiliate in 1990, it has participated in midstream gas projects in Ukraine and throughout the Former Soviet Union.
•    Grant Thornton Ukraine is a member of the international Grant Thornton network. In Ukraine, the firm has consulted for the main players in the oil and gas upstream and midstream, as well as the power sector in both audit and consulting.

NGBI and Grant Thornton are represented by Leonid Unigovskyi and Oleksandr Chalyi, respectively.